Wedding Ring Holder

Inspiring from wedding magazine, here is my 1st handmade wedding ring holder.
It is not an original idea. I just up copy ( meminjam istilah dari seorang sahabat)..
This week I had plenty time to do some activities, I go to book store, Enjoying chocolate milk & his mate (donuts), I read hundreds pages of book, I cooked and the last I’m stitching wedding ring holder ..
He..he…yes the last activities maybe surprising you..SO do I.. But in a fact I had creating an art work.. so accepted that..he..he
This art stuff ( I must proud with my own handmade  ) is dedicate for my old sister.
Insyaallah she will get a married with her mate on Feb 5th 2009 in my home town Sidoarjo. Supposed to be the ring is a pair for a husband and wife, but since I don’t have a pair of ring, so I used my own Ring for picture background.
Next, I will make my own wedding ring keep your eyes open for my next project..


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