Zodiak Vs Actual

Just want to compare analysis from my zodiak Virgo and from my friend :
My Zodiak Said :
The symbol for Virgo is the sheaf of corn. You are hard-working and carry out your duties efficiently and conscientiously.
‘I ANALYSE’ is the motto for Virgo. You have an eye for detail and a discriminating mind. You like order in all things and are neat, clean and precise in your habits.
You are modest and don’t like to draw attention to yourself. Where others seek the limelight, you get quietly on with the job, doing it as well as you can. You get a lot of satisfaction from making yourself useful and enjoy being of service to others.
Outwardly you are cool, although inside you may be seething with nerves. You have a sensitive digestion and you’re careful about what you eat and drink.
You can also be overcritical and have a tendency to worry too much.
You are the perfectionists of the zodiac.

My Friend Said :

Irma .. hmm .. orangnya menarik .. gaya berpakaian simple tapi mode
Suaranya nggak besar .. kayaknya kurang tenaga .. seperti melirih ??? .. tapi entah bagaimana kok mantap/tegas.
Jalannya juga seperti kurang power (nggak pelan tapi speednya sedikit dibawah normal .. sedikit diatas gerak slow motion ??) .. kayaknya fluiditas udara di sekitar dia lebih tinggi / kental sehingga membuat gerakannya seperti itu.

Mandiri, kuat makan, kemanamana bisa naik bis + bemo sendiri. Gadis yang punya kepribadian.
Kadang switch dari satu topik ke topik lain secara nggak jelas .. membuatku bingung (apa ini memang demikian .. or is it just me yang o’on ?)

Agak susah untuk menjelaskan .. yang pasti dia bukan gadis biasa. not an ordinary girl.
One of the girl with something unique .. sehingga menarik untuk dikenali .. tidak membosankan .. simple but not that simple

How bout u, what u will telling bout me ?? i’m open for positive feedback..:)
Thanks to my friend who make an observation and written about me ^_^


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