Yellow = Cheap

This morning I have meeting with Mark Jensen, International Trainee from DK. Ake should give introduction to him but unfortunately he must going aboard. Then he ask me to give Administration Division brief. The brief only take 15 minutes, but we spent more than that..We also talked about Indonesia culture..Mark was very enthusiast when he take BEcak..he said the cost is very Cheap…Kasian si abang becak pasti ngos2xan genjot wong yg naik segede itu…:)

When I explained about BMW operator training, the slide shown that the training shirt is on combination yellow & black colour.
Here is our conversation :

mark : “is that mean that they (operator) are cheaper”?

iae : What ???#!*$!! maksoed loe ?

mark : See the operator clothes ? Yellow and black. In DK that colours means cheap. When you go to the
hypermart.They use yellow color to describe that the price is cheap..

iae : Mikir *)>iya juga siih di supermarket Indo juga gitu, cuma selama ini gak ‘Ngeh’ aja

iae : We used yellow shirt it doesn’t mean that they are cheaper, Totally wrong. We used that colour only for eye
catching clothes. We expect that they are easy to find when they have activities in the forest…

mark : ooo…I see….


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